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The bioclear technique is now being utilized by Dr. Mehta at Fresh Dentistry. Bioclear, as a technique, is a conservative, often times better, treatment alternative to traditional porcelain restorations such as crowns, inlays, veneers, crowns, fillings and bonding.

The technique entails unique, conservative preparation of the tooth structure. We then utilize an injection molding technique to the tooth to provide a stronger and more esthetic restoration. The most important aspect of this technique is that it is an additive solution to dental issues and not subtractive - we no longer have to cut away a lot of healthy tooth structure.

Dr. Mehta is a certified Bioclear provider. Please visit to learn more about the method. Also view the cases below to see some of the changes Dr. Mehta was able to complete utilizing this new exciting procedure.

Hang Pre op case1 Hang Post op case1


It is not uncommon for us to see dark spaces between teeth in patients who have a history of gum disease or history of gum surgery. These triangles of space occur due to the bone loss that is created by the disease processs of peridontitis. Not all black triangles are assocatied with gum disease, sometimes they arise from recession of our gums or movement of our teeth. These unwelcomed dark spaces give an older appearance to our smile as well as collect food debris and plaque. In some instances these dark spaces can bring unwanted attention to a persons smile. Traditionally these spaces would be treated with porcelain veneers, where removal of tooth structure would be neccessary to close these spaces. The Bioclear process gives us a conservative alternative where we are adding resin to teeth to help fill up the dark space. This minimally invasive procedue allows us to achieve a hight aesthetic outcome while maintaining healthy tooth structure. It is also a more economical option versus porcelain veneers.

In this case our patients main concern was the dark "spot" in her smile. Bioclear Black traingle closure was a great option as it allowed us to close these spaces without altering any of the existing healthy tooth structure. We matched the shade and were able to provide a very nice result that the patient was ecstatic about. We treated 3 of the dark spaces in one appointment.

20190122Before case2 smile after case2

CASE 2 - Smile Rejuvenation

Another use of the Bioclear technique is for smile rejuvenation and or smile repairs. Before we started utilizing the Bioclear techniques and principles we were limiited to crowns and veneers to help with achieving a brighter, more youthful smiles. Sometimes this required us to address multiple teeth which can increase treatment time and treatment cost. In this particular case, our patient had failing old fillings on her front teeth. Over times these fillings had discolored and were starting to breakdown. It was decided that we would treat the case with the Bioclear protocol. We finished this in one appointment after the inititial consultation. We were able to make changes to shapes of the worn down teeth and also improve the color. These new bioclear restorations will last our patient for years to come.

before case3 after case3


In this case we had a patient with a fractured veneer. It was an emergency situation where the patient did not have time to wait for multiple appoinments. We were able to achieve a high esthetic outcome in one appointment. It is possible to achieve a finish which can rival a porcelain veneer!

Before case4 After case4


An application of this technique that we have found extremely important is adjusting the shape and size of teeths. We normally see this in younger patients who have recently completed orthodontics. The orthodontic treatment is often completed flawlessly in terms of aligning the teeth and bite, however often times patietns are unhappy with the finished smile due to discrepancies in teeth shapes and sizes. In this particular case, we had a young patient who was still seeking an improvement on his smile. We discussed the differnces in the shape of his teeth and offered Bioclear treatment as an conservative option to correcting the shape and size of his teeth.

Before case5 After case5


We wanted to share this case as it illustrates a lot of the advantages of the Bioclear process and technique. This was a more involved case but it encompassed a few different areas that we routinely see in our day to day work. Our patient was looking for an improvement from his initial smile - something he admittedly did not like and an issue that kept him from smiling in pictures. There were a few treatment considerations here. The patient had a retained baby tooth. The adult tooth was impacted in the patients jaw. Traditioanlly this would have required surgery to remove both the baby tooth and the impacted adult tooth and then followed by placement of a dental implant or a fixed bridge. In additiion, we had multiple spaces to close for the patient. Traditioanlly we would have considered a combination of orthodontics and oral surgery to help us improve upon the patients smile. We advised that we would possibly have to do more cosmetic work after the orthodontics and oral sugery to achieve a "balanced" end result. At this time the patient was not able to take on the burden of such an extnsive treatmetn plan.

We still wanted to provide an improvement to his current smile and we were able to do that with the Bioclear process. This is a dramatic change for the patient and a very good alternative.
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